The Disappointment

Obviously, the game didn’t end the way Met fans would have like it and I’ve heard all the comments like Familia isn’t a big time pitcher, Cespedes did nothing, what a friggen disaster!, I thought he was going to pitch a no hitter and even a I consider it a good year for the Mets.

Here are my views of the game:

  • The Mets lost the game for one simple reason and his name was Madison Bumgarner. Sure he is a great playoff pitcher who doesn’t give up any runs when he pitches.  The one thing that the crackerjack ESPN announcers didn’t mention (more on them next) was how he worked the home plate umpire.  It was the difference in the game.  He threw 21 pitches in the first three innings, 64 the next three, in my view the turning point of the game occurred in the sixth inning, in top of the sixth Syndergaard struck him out looking and complained to the umpire that the ball was low and was not a strike!  Then I believe it was the bottom of the sixth when he started to complain to the home plate umpire again about balls and strikes.  The Ump even walked out to the mound to talk to him about it.  I didn’t think you could argue balls and strikes with the umpire but whatever he said it worked.  The umpire started to call the high strikes (balls that were not strikes according to the ESPN pitch tracker) and just about every other pitch he threw near the strike zone.  The result was he only threw 34 pitches the last three innings.  On the flip side, the umpire, for whatever reason, was not giving the Met pitchers the same calls.  Pitches that looked like they were right down the middle of the plate and strikes according to the ESPN pitch tracker were called balls.  None bigger than the Joe Panik at bat in the ninth, where a couple pitches looked like strike that were called balls.  Needless to say Familia’s walking of panic changed the game completely, if Panik was called out, Conner would have be intentionally walked which would have forced the Giants to make a decision on letting Bumgarner hit or to pitch hit for him.  We will never know what they would have done but the Mets pitchers take away should be to work the umpire to get some calls.  Collins could take a lesson from Bochy, as he was barking from the doug out on balls and strikes as well.


  • Ok, I never thought I would agree with Michael Kay but baseball should have three feeds so home town fans can hear their local broadcasters. ESPN was awful and offered little to no insight to the game or the teams.  Aaron Boone and Jessica Mendoza are at the bottom of the barrel as color commentators.  No disrespect to Jessica, but she played softball and there are probably hundreds of ex ballplayers that actually played in the major leagues that could offer more insight to the game than she can.  Although, I guess I would rather have her add her trivial comments than hear three hours Tom Veducci offer his “expert” analysis.

TJ Rivera – Really?

Should the Mets have promoted TJ Rivera over signing Juan Uribe?


What’s your obsession with Uribe?  He was hitting .200 with Cleveland when they let him go.  Sure, he had some big hits for the Mets last year down the stretch but from all accounts, he is done and is going to have to call it a career.  As a Fan I like to see guys get promoted and Rivera has earned the promotion by hitting .349 in Las Vegas.  The last thing the Mets offense needs is another .200 hitter at this point!


No Thanks, I’ll take the Veteran down the stretch

Sure he wasn’t hitting well for the Indians but neither was Kelly Johnson when the Mets picked him up for the Braves.  Those Big hits he got for the Mets last year won games for them.  I would have liked to have seen him at the plate last night in extra innings over TJ Rivera.  Nothing against Rivera but this isn’t April, it August and the Mets could use a guy with big league experience who has proven it before.  I have no inside information on this but I think he helped gel the team last year when he came here, especially Cespedes and we missed him in the playoffs!  He may not be an everyday player anymore but he could start games and is a guy I want to see up in the clutch over a rookie.


What’s your view?

What about Carlos Gomez?

Should the Mets look to get Carlos Gomez, when he clears waivers?

Thanks, but I’ll Pass

He’s half the player he was a couple years ago and he won’t add anything more than what d’Aza is giving us now!  The Mets were unbelievably fortunate to cancel the trade last year.  They never would have seen the playoffs last year if they acquired him.  They never would have traded for Cespedes.  Besides, the Astros are a playoff team again and they are letting him go for nothing, they wouldn’t do this for nothing, clearly he was seen as addition by subtraction.  The Mets should steer clear!


Are you kidding me? Sure he is having a bad year but he isn’t ARod!  A change of scenery and a trip back to the NL may help him.  He was injured earlier this year and is now healthy.  No matter how bad Gomez is he is worth the league minimum for the rest of the year to see if he can give us something more than d’Aza.  Gary and keith might have been singing praises to Granderson for how he has played center but come on! STOP be HOMERS and tell it like it is.  We don’t have a centerfielder with the exception of d’Aza and I’ve seen enough of him to move on.  Plus Gomez will add speed to the lineup that the Mets desperately need.  Adding  Gomez  to the line-up behind Reyes when he returns, followed by Cespedes and Bruce could add life to the line-up!  To me this move is a no brainer!


What’s your  View?

Should the Mets pick up Jose Uribe?

Jose Uribe was designated for assignment yesterday by the Cleveland Indians. He was only hitting 200 but should the Mets pick him up? I think the it make a lot of sense for them to do so, he didn’t he for a high average last year after they acquired him but he definitely had big hits and I thought he was a team leader. The Question is if the Mets have room for him? With Cabrera and Reyes out they probably do have room for him but do we really want to see Flores at short and Uribe at third? Probably not but Uribe doesn’t have to play every day. But it seems like a no brainer to pick him up and let the Indians pay him the rest of the year.

Square Pegs for Round Holes

Do I like the Mets picking up Jay Bruce at the Trade Deadline? Absolutely! It shows us as fans that this isn’t the old Mets who aren’t willing to take on salary and take chances to win. More importantly, it shows the players that team ownership and management is committed to and expects to win this year. Now here is the BUT. The Mets are a flawed team, mostly due to injuries to Wright, Harvey, Lagares, Duda, and now Cespedes and Cabrera. And they are 2.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot mostly due to poor play and underperforming players such as Conforto, Granderson, and d’Arnaud. Picking up Bruce addresses the offense but he is a square peg in a round hole when you have to move Granderson to centerfield and expect him to perform. Picking up Jose Reyes and playing him at third base was another example of a square peg for a round hole. All of these moves have to be addressed and corrected in the off season. I thought one of those corrections was pretty simple, Let Neil Walker leave as a free agent and give Dilson Herrera a shot at moving in at 2nd base. Making the Mets younger, faster and cheaper at the position and giving the Mets flexibility to address some other needs. But trading Herrera for Bruce changes all that and creates another need for the Mets to address in the offseason. The trade of Herrera could create a ripple effect on other player moves which could ultimately lead to Cespedes exit when he opts out in the off season. Resigning Walker or another second basemen could take money they could use extending Cespedes. I guess I should be talking about this year and worry about next year, next year but I think the Mets should keep an eye on the future and not create holes for next year. My view today is the Mets are a borderline playoff team this year who aren’t built to get far in the playoffs if they make it and they should be making moves for today with an eye on tomorrow. Even though Bruce is signed through next season, I’m not convinced this move was the right one for tomorrow.

Mets – Buyers, Go With What We Got, or Sellers?

The Mets are currently 5 games behind the National’s with a week before the non-waiver trade deadline Should the Mets be Buyers/Stand Pat and go with what we got/or Sellers?

Buyers – Absolutely! This will be the popular answer, by no means do the Nationals have the NL east locked up and the Mets should look to improve their team now! The Question is what should they give up to improve their team? And at what cost to the future? Last year they traded a lot of younger guys to get Cespedes/Johnson/Clippard/and Uribe. The “well” isn’t as full this year and should we further deplete it for a run this year at the cost of our future? Obtaining an impact player will certainly cost the Mets top Prospects. What impact players could the Mets obtain? Offensively they certainly could upgrade at Catcher, Third Base, Centerfield and First Base but who is available? Catcher seems to be area that the Mets are looking to upgrade with talk about d’Arnaud for Lucroy but the Brewers evidently also want a prospect – I can see having giving up more than d’Arnaud for Lucroy but not not a top prospect. D’Arnaud is injury prone but does have a lot of upside and is under team control until 2019. Third Base would be a real area to upgrade Evan Longoria’s name pops out at me for sure but I don’t see the Ray’s taking players already in the majors so he would surely cost the Mets top prospects. Plus if the Mets were to acquire Longoria, they would be conceding David Wright is done as a Met and hope that he is done as a player to get his insurance money back on his contract. Centerfield could use an upgrade but I’m just not sure who is available and with the outfield already being crowed, I think the Mets will look other positions to upgrade. First base, actually I’m not sure if there is a long term answer on the market who is available and what he would cost the Mets. I think Loney have solidified the position and the Mets wouldn’t look to upgrade it with Duda expected back at some point.

Stand Pat and Go with what we got – This one thing Met fans don’t want to hear but like I mentioned above. The Mets minor league talent level took a hit last year and if we can’t get an impact player who is locked up for a couple years I would not look for the Mets to trade their top prospects. I don’t think there is a Cespedes out on the market available this year and there is no guarantee that the impact player is going to perform like Cespedes did last year. The Mets have talent this year to compete for a wild card spot and if the Nationals self-destruct like they did last year the NL east can be had easily with the what the Mets have. Sandy Alderson has done well this season picking up guys on the cheap (Loney/Johnson/Reyes) in both terms of money and talent. If he can continue to do that to tweak the roster, the Mets can still contend with what they have and could improve their pitching if Wheeler comes back at the end of August.

Seller’s -NOOOOOOO! – Sure most Met fans would scream that but it may actually make sense to insure their contention in years to come by improving their talent level in terms of prospects and payroll flexibility! Here are some ideas to consider:

Curtis Granderson for prospects – Sure he is the team leader and would be a big hit but the $20 million he is owed this year and next could be used to help lock up Cespedes in the off season when he opts out of his contract. Plus this move would open a spot for Conforto in Right, and a platoon in center with Lagarus and D’Aza/Nimmo the rest of the year.

Neil Walker for prospects – Hey he’s been cold for weeks and he isn’t coming back next year with Herrera in triple A targeted to take over next year. If we could get a decent prospect in return why not accelerate Herrera’s arrival? He would improve the team speed for sure and could work on establishing himself for next year. Or the Mets could move Reyes to Second and give Flores the full time gig at third. On the negative side – Hey Walker is due to break out and the Mets could use his offense and steady defense to secure a playoff spot!

Asdrubal Cabrera for Prospects – I can’t believe I would suggest this, he has been solid at short and has provided good offense but he hasn’t hit in the clutch and he is due $8.25 million next year. This is on position that the Mets can afford to deal and save money to spend in other areas. Reyes can move to Short and the Mets have an option to keep him next year at league minimum. They also have a former number 1 pick Gavin Cecchini at “triple A” hitting .319 and their number one prospect Amed Rasario who was recently promoted to “double A” tearing up Binghamton at .384. If we could improve our team by trading Cabrera, I probably wouldn’t like it because he seems to be a team leader but definitely makes sense to do.

Lucas Duda for Prospects – I’m not sure how much value we could get for Duda while he’s on the DL but he is a power hitter that an American league team could look to help them in September and for next year as well. Plus he is making $6.725 million this year and probably wont be cheaper next year. Watching Loney playing first base the last couple months has convinced me that his defense and more consistent approach on offense (average and strike outs) is a better way to go than Duda’s streaky offensive numbers. Plus defense wins games, Duda serviceable at first but in no way a plus defender. In the off-season they could look to move Conforto to first and keep both Cespedes and Granderson in the outfield and sign Loney or another first baseman. This would give the Mets more time to evaluate just how much of an impact their former first round pick Dominic Smith is going to have in a couple of years.


The 3rd Wright Issue

It seems inevitable that Wright is headed back to the DL, and just like with Duda, the Mets don’t have many solutions to replace him. So what options do the Mets have?

  • Internal options, Flores moves to third while Wright is out and platoon Campbell with Loney at first. Third base options at triple A are thin as well; Nieman Romero was just promoted to Vegas from Binghamton and honestly, I know nothing about him.
  • Outside options – here are 10 guys, some we can get some are pipedreams :
    • Todd Frazier, I figured I’d start with the Pipedream; he leads the American league with home runs at 15 but isn’t hitting. There’s no way the White Sox are trading him at this point and he isn’t a good fit for the Mets but He would be a great addition.
    • Martin Prado, he would be a good fit with his versatility but the Marlins would be foolish to trade him, especially to a division rival. Plus, he would cost the Mets a lot of talent to get.
    • Trever Plouffe, the Twins have the worst record in the American League baseball and may be open to trading Plouffe as his statistics over the past couple of season are down. He is making $7.25 million this year and has one year of arbitration left before he becomes a free agent.
    • Speaking of bad records there is the Braves and Kelly Johnson may be the guy to get, he wouldn’t cost the Mets a lot and he is versatile enough to play other positions and he would be an upgrade to the Mets bench when/if Wright returns this season.
    • I can’t mention Kelly Johnson without talking about Juan Uribe, He is batting .240 in Cleveland and would be a good addition but I don’t see the Indians trading at this point in the season. Same goes for Lonnie Chisenhall, who has played third and currently playing in the outfield for the Indians – he is making $2.75 million this year and has another year of arbitration before he becomes a free agent. I guess it would depend on what Cleveland needs are and if the Mets Match up but honestly I wouldn’t want to give a lot to get either Uribe or Chisenhall.
    • Yunel Escobar – The Angel have been playing better and probably wouldn’t look to move Escobar yet but he would be a good addition to the Mets, playing third, second and Short. The $7 million salary might be an issue but there is a club option for 2017 and could be a potential replacement for Walker next year.
    • Yangervis Solarte, San Diego may not want to trade him but I see him as a better upgrade than Kelly Johnson and he is only making $525K with a few more years of team control. That said he would cost the Mets talent to get and he wasn’t knkow for sparkling defense when he was with the Yankees if I recall.
    • Jose Reyes – Ok, this may fall under the pipedream category but he could probably make the shift to third base and he would  not cost the Mets much if anything. I’m a Reyes fan so I’m biased in wanting him back on the team but it’s a long shot at best
    • Jimmy Paredes, Toronto DFA’d him yesterday after being DFA’d by the Orioles last month. He is known for his offense not his defense, probably not a great option at third long term but he hits and could be a upgrade on the bench. The Mets would probably have to trade for him as other teams will probably claim him before he is released.
    • Casey Mcgehee, currently playing in triple A for the Tigers and is hitting near .300 but he doesn’t have power and probably not great third baseman. Not a long term option for the bench – He wouldn’t bring much more than a bag of balls but I’ll pass for now.

At the end of the day, I suspect the Mets will go with what they have and address third base closer to the trade deadline when there are more options and the cost in terms of talent will be less. Let’s just hope Flores starts to hit.       What’s your view?

Memorial Day Weekend Game Notes

  • WTF? I cannot believe they threw Syndergaard out for throwing behind Utley. I’m not sure what MLB expected. First Utley takes out Tejada, break9ing his leg, and proceeds to suspend him for the slide. Then they rescind the suspension because it wasn’t an “illegal” slide at the time – but then why did they suspend him in the first place. Syndergaard did the least retaliation he could do that was possible and the triple A umpire throws him out of the game without a warning?
  • I assume there was a directive by MLB to not tolerate any retaliation after the Texas/Toronto fight but clearly this wasn’t going to lead to that. Utley indicated before the series that he expected retaliation and when Syndergaard threw behind him, to his credit he took it and responded with his bat. I think the umpires should have doubled down on their stupidity and threw out a Dodger pitcher for throwing inside. Now we have to see if MLB doubles down on their stupidity and suspends Syndergaard.
  • Unfortunately, MLB cost the Mets the Game Saturday night, hopefully it doesn’t come back to haunt the Mets later in the year.
  • I’m not a big fan of bringing in closers in non-save situations or in tied games. Right or wrong, they just have different results. It almost cost us the game Friday night and cost the Mets the Sunday game. I’d prefer if Terry used Familia in save situations only. Bring him in for 4 out saves if you need get him more work. The misguided stat now is that Familia is 17 for 17 in save situations but he got wrung up twice, getting a win and loss in the process.
  • I find it amusing that the media is looking for reasons why Harvey pitched better yesterday, was it his mechanics?,  was it Rivera catching him for the first time? Was it the look of determination that he had in his face? Blah, Blah Blah. It was his 98 mph fastball, that made his slider better.
  • In case you missed it yesterday, the Mets reunion tour continued with the White Sox, with Robin Ventura, I’ll never forget the Grand single, Super Joe McEwing , I always routed for him and probably could use a guy like him on the team today and Daryl Boston, I don’t have any memories of him.